About us

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Hydroservice company has been present on the Polish market since 1980. The founder of the company is Andrzej Blus, who has been its sole owner and chairman ever since.

We sell and service pumps and hydrophore sets. At customers request, we also control cabinets for pump units, equip pump frequency inverters and can program and run all electronic equipment installed in pump systems. We also offer services related to pumps and plumbing.

The company employs 15 people, most of whom having been employed for several years now. Due to their seniority the employees became specialists in their fields.
Over thirty years of experience has enabled us to maintain high level of training of staff and services. This resulted in signing several partnership and maintenance agreements with the most renowned companies active at pump market.

From the very beginning Customer satisfaction has been the main priority of Hydroservice. Therefore we aim to solve their problems through selection of appropriate equipment, help with its implementation and operation, providing warranty and post-warranty repairs. Thanks to such policy Hydroservice is a stable company, well known in the pumping world  for providing solutions to many complex problems. The company continues to develop. We invest in machinery and introduce new, more sophisticated and modern technical solutions.

Policy implemented by Hydroservice allowed us to gain our Customers' trust. We do our best to adress the needs of both individual buyers of small pumps and large companies that purchase large sets of pumping capacities and benefit from our services. Here are some of the companies cooperating with us:
  • Textile Plants Confectioner "Teofilow" SA in Lodz, Poland,
  • Pabianice Pharmaceutical Works "Polfa"
  • Group Wastewater Treatment Plant in Lodz, Municipal Unit
  • Wod. - Kan. Ksawerów
  • Power Plant in Lodz SA
  • Mines Company restructuring - SA in Katowice branch Czeladz
  • Brown Coal Power Station SA in Rogowiec
  • PGKiM in Aleksandrów. Szczecin Shipyard
  • "New" Sp. the o.o
  • Torun Geothermy and Lux Veritatis Foundation.