• Energia geotermiczna

Geothermal energy is the energy of geothermal waters that are extracted on the surface of the earth. It is classified as renewable energy due to the fact that its source - hot internal layers of the Earth - cannot be used up. In order to extract geothermal water it is neccessary to dig boreholes up to the depth where these waters can be found.

At some distance from the borehole another hole is dug. It is used to pump the water to the bed again, after all the heat has been retrieved from it. Geothermal water is often characterised by high salinity, which is the reason for especially difficult working conditions of heat exchangers and other parts of geothermal installations. Geothermal energy is used in central heating systems as a main heat source. it can also be used as an electrical energy source. However, it is only possible in case of very hot springs.

  • Pokłady wód geotermalnych w Polsce

Poland has got very promising geothermal conditions hence 80% of the country's area is covered by three geothermal region: central European, precarpathian and carpathian. Water temperature on these regions spans from 30 to 130 °C (locally even up to 200 °C), and depth on which it can be found ranges from 1 do 10 km. It is possible to commercially use geothermal water on 40% of the country's area - extraction is profitable when the temperature reaches 65 °C up to 2 km below the ground and salinity is lower than 30 g/l. Geothermal spring's efficiency is crucial as well.

Our company actively takes part in works connected with geothermal energy acquisition. We mainly deal with gathering and installation of deep well pumps operating in geothermal boreholes. We determine working parameters of pumps and their motors, consult technical issues with world leaders in pump and motor production, such as ITT or Franklin Electric, purchase most adequate devices and mount pumping units operating in boreholes. Our first experience was gained a few years ago in the Subcarpathian region. These days we attempt to use this experience - and learn throughout the process - during cooperation with companies involved in geothermal energy acquisiton.