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The press, internet and other media have been reporting on the exceptional success of father Rydzyk for a few days now. What is the success all about? The case is that hot water beds have been found near Timber Port by the Vistula river, next to College of Social Media and Culture. Although the boreholes had been dug in 2008, it was not until now that the water was excavated. What is more, its amounts exceed all the expectations.
  • Rekordowy wynik!
More than 430 m3/h  of water at 61°C and 6.5 ATM is being transferred from the main borehole to another one, located 1.5 km away. The reason for such procedure is the the hot water contains large amounts of brine, therefore after retrieving heat it has to be pumped into the ground again. Geologists anticipate that 30 years later it will return to the main borehole. Depositing such copious amounts of salty water anywhere else would result in turning surroundings of Torun into a desert. Such result would go against the premise of the whole venture, which is obtaining a renewable and environmentally friendly heat source. To reach this goal specialised equipment is needed - it must be suitable for extremally severe conditions of high temperature and salt content.
  • Zanurzanie pompy wydobywającej gorącą wodę na powierzchnię
Without a doubt the most important piece of equipment is a pump. In addition to resistance to salty hot water, it also has to be energy-saving while working at high capacity. Only then the whole investment would be reasonable. Choice and delivery of such pumps was the task of our company.


This is an excellent result, not only in national, but also in European scale!
prof. Jan Szyszko, former minister of environmental issues
The trial pum-
-pings conducted during last weeks proved that we have succeeded in facing this challenge. Both the pumps and automation systems monitoring their work, designed and developed by us, have been working flawlessly. I would not have been possible without our company's equipment, such as power generator used for testing the pumps prior to their implementation in the borehole. Nevertheless, the main reason why everything went smoothly at first trial is over thirty years of experience and extensive knowledge of our company's chairman.
  • Pompy przepompowujące wodę z odwiertu do odwiertu
While father Rydzyk's success lies in the field of organisation and business (we aim not to be involved in politics), Hydroservice is responsible for the considerable technological success.

Indeed, we are shaking up the business of underground heat near Torun - shaking, but not stirring. After all, we were certain everything would go well!

September, 2011

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